The Fall of Heaven


The exquisite blue gem planet of New Jerusalem is a dream. As one of the 780 million inhabitants of the megacity of Heavensport, there is always something to do. Day or night, mere minutes from your home you can be sailing, hypergliding, rock climbing, eating at five-star restaurants or enjoying yourself at one of the thousands of shopping and fun zones around the city. As always, there is no pressure to do anything. There are enough resources and robots for every need so that no one has to work.

One of its famous citizens, Rolland Newcastle appears to have everything going for him. Now he has something else that is definitely going for him, and it wants him dead – and the media couldn’t be more delighted.

Rolland’s trouble is one that he inherited from his ancestors, the legal owners of the beautiful and extremely wealthy planet of New Jerusalem. After cryrosleeping for 223 years, they found that technological advances had allowed squatters to arrive in just 3.5 years. Arriving 200 years too late, they found an already established world that didn’t want them. The Fall of Heaven was just the start.


My Indiegogo funding campaign has helped and I have another section of the book off for editing.

Thank you!


This has been an exciting journey that may take a bit longer.

The Fall of Heaven new cover

Readers Wanted

This is a Sci-Fi Thriller where some of the main characters are Christians. I am seeking readers who are willing to provide reviews for the first day for the Amazon release.


The Author David Grunwell

David Grunwell is an author, Creative Director, UX designer, and technologist who lives in Ohio with his lovely wife and daughter.

David is fascinated with how technology and culture shape each other. The Fall of Heaven is David’s first published novel.

David Grunwell


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